MAR. 19-21, 2021
APRIL 9-11, 2021
APRIL 16-18, 2021

You Win With Epic

We’re proud to offer cash prizes,

scholarships, & other industry opportunities.

We are proud to be partnered with Playground LA.

Playground is LA's newest dance studio brought to you by Robin Antin and Kenny Wormald.  Playground LA offers master classes taught by the industry's hottest teachers & choreographers.

DancePixs is the official on-site photo/video provider of Epic Dance Competition.

As the industry leader in dance media, with over 20 years of experience, DancePixs offers high-quality moments of your dancer's performance.

Visit DancePixs and claim your free photo today!

Believe, Dream, Inspire

The lights shine, the crowd cheers, the heartbeat in your throat,

the sweat from your forehead. It's just you and the stage.

You are ready. This is your moment. This is EPIC!